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Bigger Fish 2 (Book) – Peter Turner

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Peter Turner
Out of print
Price: £200+

Bigger Fish 2 (BF2) is the second book from the brilliant mind of Peter Turner. Bigger Fish 1 became an instant success and is now either virtually impossible to get hold of or commands several hundreds of pounds (and above) for the privilege of owning a copy. Limited to just 100 copies, BF2 has already gone down the same path as its predecessor.

Hardbacked and running at over 200 pages BF2 is packed with amazing routines and thinking. Chatting to Peter he is extremely proud of this book and states he thinks it is by far his best work to date. It’s rare these days that I read a book cover to cover but I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. Each effect is explained and scripted down to the minute details with loads of subtleties littered throughout its pages.

A high percentage of what is taught in the book requires nothing at all which really does make the effects ‘any time, any place’.

Imagine being able to tell a spectator to merely think of the name of someone they know, the name is never written down, and yet you can tell them the exact name. Or being able tell a spectator their actual PIN code for their bank account or mobile phone login screen, again nothing is written down. These are just two of the amazing mental feats possible.

There’s a brilliant take on ‘Seven Keys to Baldpate’ which brings the effect bang up to date. The best thing being that no lock or keys are needed and in fact the effect can be performed with a borrowed item.

A favourite of mine, if I have to single something out, is the effect Peter calls ‘Life Equation’. This can be used as a stand alone effect or taken a step further as another method of obtaining a spectator’s PIN number. The method is super simple, and I had one of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ moments when I read it. Again, this can be performed anywhere.

All the effects are superb, but I do have to point out some of the methods are extremely ballsy! If you are not a bold, confident performer who likes taking a few risks then some of this material is not for you. However, if you don’t mind the odd ‘fail’ or can easily turn a fail into a success then this material is priceless.

The first effect I gave a shot at after first reading the book was the ‘Billet-less Name Guess’, which I mentioned where you are able to give the name of a spectator’s friend that they are merely thinking of. I got direct hit the first time – boom! The reaction was unbelievable. In fact when I first saw Peter perform this effect this during a Q&A session online I couldn’t believe it was possible and thought there must have been some pre-show work. Let me just say there in NO preshow and the method, like everything else in the book is genius.

Peter’s ‘Bob Principle’ is also revisited in the latter stages of the book. This is where you can whisper their PIN code, date of birth or any other random piece of information that you couldn’t possibly know and have it confirmed to be 100% accurate.

I have to say this is probably the best mentalism book I have ever read and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a copy you are in for a real treat! I constantly found myself shaking my head at how brilliant the methods were. Peter Turner is my new favourite mentalist and I can’t wait to see what he releases next.