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The Code – Andy Nyman

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The Code

Andy Nyman
Available from www.theory11.com or your favourite dealer
Price: £21.99

Whenever Andy Nyman brings out a product you can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be a winner – The Code is exactly that!

The Code is Andy’s version of the marked deck….with a difference. A standard marked deck has a mark on its back which tells you which card it is. The Code has an additional two markings which open up a whole host of extra possibilities.

The cards are decorated with a new ‘Maiden’ back design, which is the closest match to the standard Rider back the USPCC have every allowed. At first glance it is hard to tell the difference.

As well as the deck you receive an excellently produced DVD where Andy teaches lots of peeks/routines using the deck.

My favourite routine taught is ‘Double Dream’ where a deck and an envelope containing a prediction is handed to a spectator at the start. A card is freely selected from a second deck. On reading the prediction in the envelope it says that you (the performer) had a dream where a spectator thought of a card and it was in the ‘X’ position in the deck. The spectator takes the cards from the deck they were given at the start. He counts down to the number in the prediction….the card is an exact. match It is simple but completely brilliant.

The Code is highly recommended!