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Outfoxed – Wayne Fox

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Wayne Fox
Available from www.foxmagicprojects.com
Price: £25.99

If you are looking for a no-nonsense DVD packed with commercial close-up magic and practical advice from one of the busiest professional magicians in the UK then look no further. OutFoxed is Wayne Fox’s lecture DVD – filmed in front of a live audience at Watford Association of Magicians’ Club, – in which Wayne teaches a whole variety of different close-up effects and I honestly don’t think there is a bad effect on there.

The lecture starts off with Wayne performing an instant ‘cards back into box’ effect. It’s a simple opener but performed casually is a real fooler.

Next to be taught is a nice location of four kings routine from a shuffled deck with the final king appearing under a clearly empty hand. The final appearance did catch me off guard the first time I watched it.

Also included in the lecture is a nice alternative use of a prop that practically every magician will own – a card to wallet in an effect called ‘1 in a 1000’.

For the cost of just a few pounds ‘What A Surprise’ is an effect where a kid’s Kinder Surprise toy instantly builds itself in a flash.

Wayne also offers his handling of the classic 8 ball appearance which has a startling climax where the pool ball magically shrinks in size.

One of my favourites from the DVD is ‘Any Card On The Table’. A single card placed on the table turns out to be the very card named by a spectator. The method to this is so bold and cheeky. My kind of magic!

The final effect of the DVD is ‘Thought Process’. This basically is a book test but utilising a playing card box instead of a book (gimmicks supplied).

Throughout the DVD Wayne offers great advice and it is clear that he really does use all the material when out working in the real world. Being a lecture DVD too questions are asked by the audience so nothing is left unanswered.

What I like about all the material here is that nothing is too knuckle busting. It is commercial magic at its best.

Highly recommended.