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The Worker’s Dream Wallet – Harry Robson

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Harry Robson
Available from www.harryrobsonmagicshop.com
Price: £100 + p&p

Harry Robson’s Worker’s Dream Wallet was a complete sell out at the Blackpool Convention, and it’s easy to see why.

The wallet is made from the finest leather and is jammed packed with loads of features. As well as card to envelope/wallet (which utilises Harry’s Instant Reset System) Harry has also included an out to lunch, an external peek and even a Mullica wallet.

The elastic strap for the out to lunch has a nice feature which ensures the half card doesn’t slip around, and the external peek is easy to use and cheekily simple!

You are supplied with a DVD explaining everything you need to know, a stack of pre-printed cards for the out to lunch, a set of instant reset slides and a batch of envelopes.

If you need a card to wallet, I highly recommend this!