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Starbucks Espresso Chop Cup – Dave Bonsall

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Starbucks Espresso Chop Cup
Dave Bonsall

Available from www.propdog.com
Price: £44.99

Showcased at Blackpool back in February, PropDog’s newest chop cup is now available to buy.

Made from a genuine Starbucks Espresso cup Dave Bonsall has managed to seamlessly incorporate a magnet into the base of this miniature drinking vessel to create a seriously nice chop cup. Measuring at just 64mm in height the cup will easily fit into a jacket pocket making it ideal for the tablehopper/strolling magician.

A choice of red or yellow crocheted balls are also supplied. However, white or brown sugar cubes that are ‘chopped’ will be available to buy soon to use with the cup. At the time of writing this Dave is working on prototypes of the cubes, but from what I have seen of the ones he has already made I think these will be great.These could easily be used in conjunction with Dave’s Sugar Routine to create an amazing effect.

For safe keeping you are supplied with a drawstring bag to keep the cup and balls in. I did think the bag could have been a little bigger to accomodate the cup easier as the cup handle made it a litle snug. I think this will loosen a little after continued use though.
The magnet used in the cup base has the perfect strength keeping the ball in place when needed but also releasing it with just the right amount of force. The base also has a small recess which is ideal for placing a ball on top of the cup when placed mouth down on the table.

For a final load to conclude the routine a small fruit could be loaded, or, as suggested by Dave, a coffee creamer.

As the cup does contains a magnet and has been gimmicked it is recommended NOT to use it as an actual drinking cup as the dark coffee could eventually discolour the gimmicked area inside the cup making it more visible.

The nice thing about this cup is that as Starbucks is a worldwide instantly recognisable brand, there should never be any suspicion of the cup, unlike many of the usual aluminium/copper cups used by the majority of magicians.

Compared to many other chop cups on the market the Starbucks Espresso Chop Cup is not the cheapest available but I think the price shows in the quality here.

I suppose the only downside to this product is that as it is an actual porcelain cup there is a danger of it getting broken should it get dropped or knocked off a table so care is needed to ensure a long life. If looked after though I think this is a great bi t of kit and I recommend it.

The chop cup is a classic in magic, and almost all magicians will have included it in their repertoire at some point. The Starbucks Espresso Chop Cup certainly is a great addition to the chop cup family.