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Card Magic Course (Online) – Steve Faulkner

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Steve Faulkner
Available from www.cardmagiccourse.com
Price: £35.00 (introductory price)
Card Magic Course is the latest venture from magician Steve Faulkner.

Tired of seeing people performing poor magic due to learning from online bedroom tutorials Steve set about creating what could be the Royal Road to Card Magic of the future.

For a one off payment of £35 you get a lifetime access to Steve’s Card Magic Course. This is an introductory price so if you are interested in signing up I’d recommended doing it sooner rather than later before the price goes up.

For the small sign up price you get access to over 130 online tutorials. More will be added over the coming months and years at no extra cost so this really is value for money.

The tutorials are broken down into a Foundation section then 7 modules. The Foundation starts right back at the beginning and shows which cards are the best to use, how to hold a pack correctly, spreading, riffling, cutting and shuffling. Even if you are not new to card magic these are still worth watching.
The rest of the training is broken down into the following modules:
1. Shuffle Work, 2. Cut Class, 3. Controlling Cards, 4. Use the Force, 5. Switches, 6. Palming, 7. Counts and Steals.
Each module contains approximately 10-12 videos.

Shot in HD against a simple black background, the tutorials are all clear and concise.

Steve is a great teacher and should you not understand something properly Steve offers to help out via email support and where possible he will upload a new video should it be necessary.

Some of the video clips also have a second clip with an over the shoulder angle too for extra clarity.

So much work must have gone into the setting up of this course, and Steve has to be applauded for what he has achieved. It would have been easy to set something up with just a handful of clips but this really is a complete step by step guide to card magic from beginner to professional.

If you are unsure about signing up for this course you can get access to free online content by simply submitting your name and email address, but Steve is so confident that you will like his course that he offers a 24hr 100% money back guarantee, so there’s absolutely no risk to anyone interested.

There’s already a vast amount of clips uploaded and the course is set to get better as Steve adds more and more to the site.

You can also access the site via a tablet or smart phone should you not have access to a computer.
Steve’s aim for this course is that you learn card magic the right way with clarity and detail, resulting in quality magicians with a deep understanding of this wonderful craft…..and I think he’s right!