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Electric (DVD) – Paul Roberts

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Paul Roberts
Available from www.tasteofmagic.co.uk
Price: £25
Electric is Paul Roberts’ first DVD release and it really is a tale of two halves.

Billed as ‘Electric’, Paul’s take on the Electric Chair routine with bonus DVD ‘It Works for Me’ containing his working close-up repertoire it really should have been the other way around.
Having watched the trailer online I was excited to see the whole DVD when it arrived. The trailer was fast and furious and the clips of the Electric Chair routine looked great. I’ve always loved this routine ever since seeing Paul Daniels perform it on his TV show back in the 80s. However I understand that the whole Electric Chair DVD had to be re-shot at the last minute and personally I think it showed.

The performance that ended up on the DVD lacked all the pace of the trailer, and in fact was a completely different handling. The Electric Chair aspect of the whole routine was only a small part and was more of a torn and restored napkin routine. It was a real disappointment in my opinion.

What I also found strange was that the DVD containing the Electric Chairs routine was actually disk 2. I would have expected disk 1 to be the main feature, and disk 2 the bonus?

After being left disappointed by the Electric Chairs DVD I was pleasantly surprised by the close-up (bonus) DVD. I really did enjoy this and I can see myself using quite a few things from it.

Filmed in the Blackpool Magicians’ Club, Paul is joined by Harry Robson and Shaun McCree as he performs and explains his pet close-up routines. Some of the routines are also filmed on location at Lightwater Valley theme park. The banter between the three is great and there are some laugh out loud moments making this DVD a joy to watch.

It’s obvious to see that Paul performs these routines all the time and he does a good job at explaining each routine too with the help of Harry and Shaun.
Several card routines are taught on the DVD. There’s a simple transposition effect, Paul’s handling of the thought of card plot and a nice signed card at named number.

Other effects include a chop cup routine, thoughts on jumbo coin magic, a funny routine using a Rocky Racoon and a simple but direct mindreading effect. Sections on jazz magic and a move library are also included.

If this release had been just the ‘It Works for Me’ disk then I would be singing its praises but unfortunately it was let down by the Electric Chairs DVD.