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Pro 4 Wallet – Gary James

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Pro 4 Wallet


Gary James
Available from www.proshowclip.co.uk
Price: £25.99 (FREE p&p)
Pro 4 Wallet is the latest release from Gary James. Basically The Pro 4 Wallet is a Himber Wallet that has four outs instead of the normal two. Similar wallets have been made in the past, for example the Miller Miracle Wallet, but these have almost become impossible to get hold of since production ceased. The Pro 4 Wallet fills this gap in the market nicely.

Anyone who already uses a Himber Wallet will immediately realise that having an additional two outs is a huge bonus. This opens up lots of possibilities that were only possible by using double sided cards with the regular two outs.

The wallet is made from really nice leather and works a treat when opening and closing the different sides. It’s actually very clever how it works and it’s easy to fool even yourself.

Each section of the wallet has a clear pocket on one side and slits for two cards on the other so there is no end of space inside it.

My only negative with the wallet is its thickness when closed. Next to a two sided Himber Wallet the Pro 4 Wallet does look quite bulky. I doubt, however, a spectator would even notice this so it’s only really a small point to make.

As the wallet has only just been released it does not come with any instructions, so it’s down to the individual to come up with suitable routines. A couple that spring to mind are John Archer’s ‘Komedy Killer’ and Max Maven’s ‘The Armchair Bowler’ both of which would be easily achieved with the Pro 4 Wallet. There is also a Facebook group that has been setup to share routines using the wallet should you be struggling with ideas.

This is an excellent utility wallet that you will get lots of use out of. Recommended!