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Rubik’s Rod – Andy Clockwise

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Rubik’s Rod

Andy Clockwise
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £29.99

Rubik’s Rod is Andy Clockwise’s take on the classic Hot Rod prop. Not being satisfied with the standard Hot Rod stick Andy set out on a journey to create a new, more practical and workable version. The instructional DVD supplied in the package starts off with Andy explaining how his Rubik’s Rod evolved into what it is today. It is clear to see from the various stages of gimmicks that a lot of thought has gone into this. If Rubik had created a 6×1 square puzzle then this is exactly what it would look like. This makes it look less like a magic prop and just a regular puzzle that you could buy from a shop.

The gimmick looks and handles great and is sure to be a talking point with your audience when introduced as no one will have seen one before.

One of the key improvements over the standard Hot Rod, apart from its new look design, is the fact that two colours can be forced. This makes the effect instantly repeatable should you feel the need to do so.

My only criticism of the gimmick is, because of the way the rod is been constructed, the end squares are prone to get damaged fairly easily. This is mentioned on the DVD so I would have thought this would have been addressed in the production process somehow. Spare coloured stickers are supplied though so, should the end stickers get damaged, they can easily be replaced.

I did initially find it a little awkward to perform the couple of moves needed to perform this. This was mainly due to the size of the prop and nothing else. After a short time though I did have it down and I am now looking forward to giving this a go in the real world. It really has grown on me.

The Rubik’s Rod isn’t really examinable at the end so a bit of spectator management may be needed should someone fancy a look at it.

The DVD is no frills and is fairly short. However, everything needed to know is shown and explained well.

If you are looking for a prop/effect that’s something a little different from the norm, then I would recommend you check out Rubik’s Rod, you might just like it too!