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Distorted Visions (DVD) – Jack Curtis

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Distorted Visions

Jack Curtis
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Price: £25.00

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before watching this DVD. I’ll be honest and say that until I watched Distorted Visions I wasn’t familiar with Jack Curtis at all. However, the fact that the DVD was produced ‘The 1914’ was a sign that it was highly likely to have to good material on it.

Running at over 2 hours, the DVD contains six easy to perform mentalism effects.

The DVD kicks off with a simple transpo effect called ‘Amnesic Transpo’. What Jack has done here is take a classic two card transposition effect, usually performed with playing cards, and transformed it using business cards and the suggestion of confusion/amnesia. This really is super easy to do but shouldn’t be over looked, plus it’s a great way to hand out your business card.

The next effect is entitled ‘Floral Destiny’. Using flowers and cards a demonstration in free will takes place. This is a really nice idea that’s easy in method.

‘Extra Subliminal Persuasion’ is a cleverly thought out effect. From five envelopes, a randomly chosen ESP card turns out to have been predicted all along. Each card has a sticker on its back predicting the exact outcome. Again this is so easy to do but will get great reactions.

‘Blank 2.0’ makes use of a simple card idea to give the suggestion of subliminal influence with a double kicker finish. If you are used to handling a deck of cards then this really will be a breeze to perform. Once more, simple in method but strong in impact.

‘Law of Attraction’. A family member is identified with just the use of stack of business cards, a pen and and the use of a classic Larry Becker idea. The effect is taken a step further by showing that the business cards have synchronised themselves at the end.

Silver Lining was probably one of my favourite effects from the DVD. A simple two coin game, which appears to have gone wrong, ends with a startling revelation of how the game was going to play out all along. I’m really looking forward to giving this routine a try. It uses a prop which most will already own and the method couldn’t be easier.

As already mentioned, the majority of the effects are so simple in method that almost no explanation is needed if you have some prior mentalism knowledge, but accompanied by Looch, Jack explains all the effects and handlings clearly and precisely after each effect is performed.

I wouldn’t say any of the effects really blew me away but they are all solid in method and certainly worth taking a look at should you have an interest in mentalism.

Don’t be put off by the simplicity of some of these effects. This really is a good release from Jack Curtis and I’m interested to see what he will release next. This DVD is definitely worth a look at!