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Starstruck – Sean Goodman

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Sean Goodman
Available from www.magicdirect.com
Price: £32.00

Starstruck by Sean Goodman is a horoscope prediction effect produced by Magic Direct.

The basic effect is as follows: A business sized card listing all twelve signs of the zodiac is introduced and handed to a spectator, a small velvet drawstring bag is also placed onto the table at the start. Next to each of the zodiac signs are brief descriptions of the various different character traits associated with each sign. After asking a spectator for their star sign (this can be any of the twelve signs, no force), and a little banter about their particular sign, a small metal disc is pulled from inside the velvet bag. These are handed to the spectator. When they turn over the disc, printed on the other side is their star sign.

The effect itself is really nice, and as there is virtually no reset it’s ideal for tablehopping. Minimal skill is needed to perform this  and should be achievable by both beginners and pros alike.

While the effect is solid and it is obvious it has been refined over many years I was a little disappointed with the quality of the props supplied. The discs, which are made from thin aluminium, are only about the size of a 10p (or US quarter) coin and feel quite light. I think if these were larger, the size of poker chips, it would make it a lot more visual. They almost look like they should magnetically fit inside a larger disc (similar to El Duco’s Room Key effect).

You are also supplied with a gimmick that is needed. This is handmade from cardboard and staples and while does the job I can imagine will get quite dog-eared with repeated use, and need either fixing up or even remaking. I think would also have been nice if the card with the horoscopes printed on was made from plastic, or at the least laminated, as only one is supplied. This again could easily get damaged or start to look tatty quickly.

The DVD explaining everything needed to know is relative short but more than adequate. Sean covers all that is needed to know about the props and the few slights needed to accomplish the effect. A few alternatives are also shown too – one being a version without the business card. For this version you are required to memorise the order of all twelve zodiac signs, but Sean does teach an easy way to remember their order.

The main downside to the effect itself is that the spectator cannot empty the bag themselves. It has to be you, the performer, who takes the disc from the bag. That aside, this is still a good effect that if performed correctly will astound your audience.