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Bound – SansMinds



Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £23.99

Most magicians at some point have included a rubber band routine in their set. ‘Bound’ by SansMinds is a linking rubber band effect which works as a standalone trick or as a perfect closer.

The basic effect is as follows: A spectator is asked to remove two rubber bands from a handful and examine them. Pinching the bands between their finger and thumb the spectator is able to make the two bands link together. This can now be fully examined and can be left as a souvenir.

You are supplied with 40 gimmicked rubber bands and 10 regular matching bands. The bands themselves have been manufactured in a way as to make them stay in a nice circular shape, which is a nice touch. It would have been nice however to have included quite a few more of the regular bands. I can see most performers using the regular bands for their other effects before finishing with the linked bands climax. Most rubber band effects use 2 bands at a time, so five sets of regular bands just isn’t really enough. I’m sure refills will be available though if this does become an issue for anyone.

In usual SansMinds style the instructional DVD is very short. Only a basic handing of the ‘Bound’ effect is taught. If you want to incorporate some of the other penetration effects shown on the DVD then you will need to find an alternative source of learning for these.

Even if you are new to rubber band magic ‘Bound’ is so easy to do that anyone will be able to perform it in no time at all. There is only one real move involved, if you can even call it a move. One thing I don’t like about the routine taught, is the fact that once the bands have been examined you then need to take them back from the spectator to only give them straight back to them once the dirty work has been done. I’m sure there is a better way of doing this if given a bit of thought.

As a standalone effect I think ‘Bound’ is nothing outstanding, it’s more of a puzzle. But if incorporated into a longer rubber band routine, it is a very nice climax.