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Gold Dust – Paul Gordon

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Paul Gordon
Available from www.paulgordon.net/golddust.html
Price: £55 (inc p&p)

‘Gold Dust’ is Paul Gordon’s book which contains ‘The Very Best of…’ tricks from his other titles. There are also many new effects too which have been included. With over 350 pages and 150 cards tricks within its covers there is plenty to get your teeth stuck into. There is also a sleights section at the back should you need it.

All effects from previous books have been updated along with new illustrative photographs.

The effects run at an alarming pace through this book – some being only a page or so in length. These shorter effects are description only, no patter. Paul allows the reader to come up with their own presentations for these, which I like.

If you are looking for enough quality card material to last you a lifetime then buy this now!

There are literally too many great effects to mention, but a few of my favourites were Head to Head Poker, Easy Ace Estimation and Twin Peaks.

To be honest, I have only touched the surface with the book, and it will take me a good while to take it all in properly.

The production values are excellent. The book is cloth bound and gold embossed and it is full of lots of photographs.

Paul calls it ‘Gold Dust’….but it’s really a solid block of gold! If you are a card magician then this should be on your bookshelf.

GOOD: Packed with lots of great material to learn. Nicely produced.
NOT SO GOOD: Some of the photos were a bit dark.