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Romero Box – Antonio Romero

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Romero Box

Antonio Romero
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £47.99

Antonio Romero’s ‘Romero Box’ is a change box inside a card case. Using the Romero Box, you are able to make switches with playing cards, coins, billets and notes. In fact, anything that is relatively thin can be switched or vanished. The basic workings are similar to the plastic switch box we all had as beginners but housed within a Bicycle card case.

The Romero Box is similar to ‘M case’ by Mickael Chatelain which was released shortly after the Romero Box. Compared side by side, there is little between the two devices (other than the price). They both basically do the same thing. However the Romero box does feel a little more sturdy than M Case. The Romero Box comes all made up ready to go unlike M Case which comes flat in the DVD case. The Romero Box also comes in a protective box for safe keeping.

In order to make the switch, the box itself must be dropped, similar to a chop cup, to make the gimmick work. What’s nice is that it could be dropped onto a spectator’s hand where the switch is made unbeknown to them.

The instructions for the Romero Box are printed simply on a sheet of A4 paper. Only the basics are described but, once you get how the gimmick works, you can easily figure out all the effects shown in the video trailer.

The Romero Box isn’t cheap, and at the end of the day is only made from a regular Bicycle card case so care is needed if you want this to last. A full deck of poker sized cards will fit into the book so it can be used as your regular card case to avoid suspicion.

There are literally loads of effects possible with this box, whether it’s close-up, card magic or mentalism. This makes it a great device if you are the kind of person who likes to come up with your own routines/effects. Vanishes, transpositions, restorations and penetrations are all possible with the Romero Box. You are only limited by your own imagination.

I’ve had fun playing around with this and I can see it has real potential for either hobbyist or working pro.