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Infamous – Daniel Meadows & James Anthony

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Daniel Meadows & James Anthony
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £19.99 (without book), £49.99 (with custom made book)

Infamous is a method of seemingly planting a chosen word in a spectator’s subconscious mind, and then proving, in Derren Brown style, how you achieved it.

The basic effect is as follows. You show a spectator a series of cards which have different colours written on them, but printed in a another colour (e.g. the word Red is printed in blue ink, etc…). The spectator is asked to name the colour they see and not what is written on each card shown (which is not as easy as you think). The spectator then stops at a random page in a book. A card with two slots cut in it is slid up and down the page. The spectator stops on any line they wish and remembers the word visibly through the slot in the card. The word is revealed in whatever manner you wish and to prove you planted the word in their mind from the start, when the cards with the colours on them are spread, the first letter of each card spells out the exact word they chose from the book. The climax to the trick is really nice and something I haven’t seen before.

There are two packages available when you buy Infamous. The difference between the two, apart from the price, is that with the deluxe version you receive a custom made book to use with the effect. This pocket sized book, ideal for walk around, has Larry Becker’s Flashback built into it. However if you already own a similar book test, or just want to use a regular book then the basic package is more than adequate.

Full DVD instructions are provided along with a set of different coloured alphabet cards which are used at the end for the pseudo reveal. 25 cards are supplied (A-Z, minus the letters X & Z, plus an extra R). It would have been nice if more vowel letter cards had been supplied as this would have opened up lots more words that could be forced. Several examples are shown on the DVD so there’s plenty to get you started with the effect. I would imagine too that additional cards will be available too if you feel the need for them.  The cards are nicely printed and should last if kept in the cardboard case supplied.

The method itself for the effect is not new, in fact the idea goes back a long way. It is similar to Steve Valentine’s ‘Booked’ and Nick Einhorn’s ‘Thought Xtractor’, although the construction of the gimmick is unique to this effect (as far as I am aware).

A small bit of DIY is needed to create your forcing gimmick depending on which word you wish to use. But don’t be put off by this as the gimmick is very simple to make. What’s nice is that once the gimmick has been made it will force two different words so can be repeated should you feel the need to. You are supplied with two of these cards so 4 different words can be forced if you carried both gimmicks with you.

The whole effect is very simple to perform, and the mechanics won’t take long to get the hang of. The DVD is clear and precise and credits are given throughout were applicable. Various other versions are discussed too on the DVD, including a version for stage so it could be performed to a larger audience. If you are doing this in a close-up environment then you do really need a table for the final reveal. This would need to be taken into consideration. You could, I suppose, use a spectator’s hand but the reveal wouldn’t be as clean and there’s a rick of the cards being dropped.

I do like this effect and even if you opt for the basic package I think it is certainly worth checking out.