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Wrong Way – Vernet

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Wrong Way

Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £31.99

Ok, here’s what it says on the tin: The magician displays a large traffic sign with a big arrow on each side and explains the importance of traffic going the correct direction. The arrow on one side is shown to be pointing left and the arrow on the other side points to the right. Now the comedy begins-the magician continues to show both sides of the sign, but now the arrows change directions and end up pointing the same way, up and down! Finally, the magician explains, “…and we all know what happens when you don’t pay attention to the traffic signals…” and with that the sign drops open to show a 44″ tall police officer with a cut out for the magician’s face!

Based upon the Compass Square trick, Vernet have taken this old effect and given it a bit of a make other that has a proper ending. The problem I always found with the original trick was there wasn’t really a natural ending to the effect. The arrows were shown time after time to point in different directions but that was it. Wrong Way has solved that problem.

I would say that this trick is ideally suited for children’s or more family orientated shows. Measuring at approximately 12 inches squares, and printed on thick card, it certainly isn’t something you’d want to be carrying around at a close up gig. The handling is very simple to do, and to get the most out of this effect it’s really all about the performance. A good performer could make this into a great routine and get some good laughs along the way.

You are supplied with a link to download the instructions but, as they were filmed in Spanish with subtitles, I found it quite difficult to follow. It was hard to read the translations and watch the movements of the board at the same time. A few watches of the performance though is adequate to get the general idea. The whole instructions only run to around 10 mins, but I think that’s all that was necessary. It would have been nice however to have also been supplied with a PDF of the scripting. It wouldn’t be too difficult though to come up with your own.

The only negative I have of it really is that the police officer graphic at the end is dressed in a US police officer’s uniform, which looks a bit odd over here in England.  I wouldn’t be too difficult though for Vernet to have a few different versions of this manufactured with a different final images if there was enough interest.

At £31.99 it’s not the cheapest trick you can buy, but you can certainly get a good solid 5 minute routine out of it if you can get the performance and scripting right!