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Shock Twist – Gary Jones

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Shock Twist

Gary Jones (In Association with Top Secret Magic)
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £12.99

Gary Jones is one of the best and busiest magicians in the UK and you can be sure that anything he releases has been tried and tested. Shock Twist is one of Gary’s latest releases through UK magic dealer MagicTao.

Shock Twist is based on a Derek Dingle idea from the early 1980s and was originally sold by the Wizzo Magic Studio. Airtime UK (www.yoyoz.co.uk) then sold it up until 2008. More recently Top Secret Magic, in Plymouth, have been selling it.

Here’s how the basic effect plays out: Four blue backed cards are shown. One by one they turn face up, then with a snap of the fingers the backs change to multi-coloured. It’s as simple as that!

The effect itself is over in a matter of minutes but delivers so much magic in such a small space of time. The instructional DVD runs to around 10 minutes in total but in that time two performances are shown (one live, one in the MagicTao studio), plus the explanation. Only one move is needed (which I’m sure most will already know), this is also taught on the DVD.

One thing to bare in mind is that Gary is left handed so you will need to mirror his actions. I have seen on several other DVDs the option to be able to flip the screen when a left handed performer is explaining the effect making it easier for right handed magicians to follow along. This would have been a nice addition to the DVD, but to be honest, the effect is so simple it probably doesn’t warrant it.

If you are familiar with cards then you will be doing this straight after watching the DVD. At the end of the effect it is automatically reset for the next performance so is ideal for table hopping/strolling magic.

The cards supplied are Bicycle stock so are good quality. What’s nice is that should the cards become dog-eared through repeated performance they are very easy to replace. The whole package at just £12.99 is a great price.

One thing to point out. At the end of the routine, you are left dirty. This means, should you want to hand the cards out for examination, you will need to switch out the packet. Personally I don’t thing there is a need to have them examined. As you will see on the live performance, Gary offers them out to be looked at but takes them back before they have chance. This method provides a comical ending.

MagicTao say ‘This is one you just have to have… I promise you you wont regret it’. Personally I think they are absolutely right! And for the price, I don’t think you will find much better!!