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Array – Baz Taylor

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Baz Taylor
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £19.99

John Bannon’s ‘Play It Straight Triumph’ has long been a favourite card effect of mine. What Baz Taylor has done is take John’s original idea and taken it to a new level by adding extra phases.

Baz’s original two phase routine  is taught first on the DVD by Alakazam’s Peter Nardi. Two cards are selected by two spectators. The cards are cut into four piles, two of which are turned face up. The piles are shuffled together face up into face down. On spreading the cards across the table all the cards that match the suit of the first chosen card are face up in numerical order apart from the selected card. The cards are squared. When they are spread for a second time the matching suit of the second card are nowthe only cards face up, in numerical order, apart from the chosen card.

This in itself is a great effect but what Peter Nardi has also done is add a third phase to the routine. In Peter’s version you start off by performing Dai Vernon’s original Triumph routine. This is then followed on with Baz’s routine.

Whether you choose to stick with Baz’s original handling or go with the additional phase this is a very strong effect.

Unlike the John Bannon’s version this does use gimmicked cards, which are supplied, so it is obviously not as clean at the finish. If performed correctly though there should be no reason for the spectators to suspect the cards are anything other than a regular deck.

Also taught on the DVD is a standard in-the-hands version plus an alternative handling which does require a degree of sleight of hand. To finish the DVD, a packet switch effect is also explained using a few of the Array cards.

This is super strong effect that is very easy to perform.

GOOD: Strong multiphase routine that is sleight free
NOT SO GOOD: Deck cannot be examined