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Scam Wallet + Mastercheat by Lee Thompson

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Lee Thompson
Available from: www.heypresto.com
Price: £25
There are so many different wallets on the market these days all trying to pack in as many different features into them as possible. The Scam wallet is different. This custom made sho gun style wallet looks just like a regular hip style wallet and is
available in either black or brown leather.
Although the wallet only really has one feature built into it there are unlimited possibilities. Objects can be made to appear, disappear and even transform making this a perfect wallet for mentalism.

Supplied with the wallet is a DVD explaining a couple of simple effects. Neither really blew me away but I can see the potential the wallet has. Given a little thought you could perform some really powerful effects with the Scam Wallet.

What’s really nice about the Scam Wallet is that it is not too big, unlike other wallets available. This will easily fit into your jeans or trouser pockets.

As an added bonus you get the Mastercheat with it which is a clever gimmick that fits straight into this, or any other, wallet
adding a simple but effective peek device. The Mastercheat is so easy to use and so simply deceptive no-one would ever suspect it.

The price for this package is excellent value for money. You could easily spend this amount of money on a regular everyday wallet from a high street store, and the quality of the Scam Wallet is second to none. It even comes in its own custom printed box along with velvet cloth to protect the leather. What more could you ask for?

If you want to get your hands on a quality magic item that won’t break the bank then I recommend the Scam Wallet.
OK you won’t be able to do everything that some of the other wallets on the market can do but sometimes less is more.

GOOD: Top quality wallet at a good price.
NO SO GOOD: DVD could have had more routines on it