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Flick Drift Project by Wayne Fox

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Flick Drift Project

Wayne Fox
Available from: www.foxmagicprojects.com
Price: £19.99 + £4 p&p (UK)

Flick Drift was originally released a few years back, Flick Drift Project is a revised edition of this release with extra routines added.

So what is Flick Drift? Well basically it’s a utility move created by Geoff Ray that makes a selected card(s) appear/change/restore under your hand magically. Done properly this really is a fantastic move and well worth learning.

The DVD kicks off with an introduction from Wayne about the origins of the move and then goes into a detailed explanation on how to perform the move. Nothing is left out here. Wayne does a great job of explaining all the little touches to get this move down correctly. It’s not an easy move to master. Wayne says on the DVD it will take a few weeks to get this down, and I think he’s right. I have been practising it for about ten days and although can do it most of the time it still needs more work before I would feel comfortable using it in the real world.

Several uses of the Flick Drift are described on the DVD. There’s a visual appearance of a card, a torn and restored card effect, and a selected card pulled from a ribbon spread deck. My favourite application of the move is as a method of getting a card under a card case. This really does look great and is also probably the easiest of all to master. It would be a great addition to an existing Card Under Box routine. Given some thought the possibilities are endless with this move.

Obviously a table is needed for this move and the performing conditions may not be suitable at all venues. If however, you are performing a parlour show or seated around a table then this is a killer move with endless possibilities. Wayne also teaches Geoff Ray’s original method of the move which is different to how Wayne does it. This is good if you have angle issues.

Another thing to watch would be the surface you perform this move on. The card does react differently on a smooth table top to how it does with a table covered in a cloth. Something to bear in mind when practising.

I had a few navigation issues when playing my copy of the DVD. The disk played perfectly and in the correct order when playing from the beginning of the disk but seemed to select the wrong video when I chose individual sections. This may be a one off or my choice of DVD player, I’m not sure?

The whole DVD is filmed in a studio seated at a table. It would have been nice to have seen Wayne performing this live to real people at a venue to see how it plays in the real world.

The Flick Drift is a very unused move that will take some work to perfect. Once learned though you have something really powerful in your arsenal. If performed properly this looks like real magic!