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The Casino Con by Steve Gore & Gregory Wilson



Steve Gore & Gregory Wilson
Available from:www.shop.stevegore.co.uk
Price: £23 inc free UK shipping. £27 inc Worldwide shipping

The Casino Con is the latest creation from Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson. 10 vintage Jokers are shown which have been collected from 10 Las Vegas casinos that no longer exist. Each back is shown to have a different casino logo on them. A lucky poker chip is handed, unseen, to a spectator. The 10 Jokers are spread face up on the table and are mixed by the spectator. The spectator has a free choice (no force) of any of the Jokers. When the card is turned over to reveal which casino it is from it matches the lucky poker chip the spectator has been holding from the start.

For the second phase, the Jokers are gathered back together and mixed. Two hands of poker are dealt. The spectator makes all the choices. When they turn their cards over they have 5 matching Jokers (obviously). When you turn your five cards over you have a Royal Flush in Spades. All the cards can be examined.

The method employed in the first phase is brilliantly simple and not something I have seen before in a card effect. What’s nice about the first phase of the routine is that the spectator really can choose any of the ten Jokers and it will always match your lucky poker chip. Only one poker chip is in play at all times too.

A second different poker chip is supplied should you wish to add in a middle phase to the routine. Any poker chip related effect would fit in here so the sky’s the limit. On the video footage Steve performs a simple change of the poker chip to a higher valued chip. Simple but effective. Gregory’s ‘Chip on Shoulder’ routine could also be performed if you are familiar with it.

The second phase is based upon Paul Gordon’s Head to Head Poker effect. Steve performs it slightly differently (in the hands) but either method works just fine. It is self working so you can concentrate fully on the performance. This alone is a great card effect that I have been doing for years but as part of The Casino Con routine it is brilliant.

A table is needed so this would need to be taken into consideration when performing. I suppose it could be performed in the hands but it would not be ideal working conditions.

You are supplied with everything you need to perform the two/three phase routine – the set of custom made cards and two different poker chips. The cards are well printed and look like genuine casino playing cards and the poker chips are nicely made and also look authentic.

A plastic utility wallet is also supplied which is used part way through the routine. Should you not be keen on the plastic wallet there are other wallets on the market which will achieve the same thing. If you are a card worker you will probably already own one. Personally I think the wallet supplied does the job just fine.

A simple instruction booklet is supplied along with a link to a set of online video clips. No DVD is supplied so internet access is required should you wish to watch and learn through video footage. The footage is fairly raw but more than adequate. Steve does a good job explaining everything that is needed to know. I understand more footage will be added at some stage of Gregory performing the routine too.

I have to say I really do like this effect. As mentioned previously I have already been performing a version of the second phase of the routine for quite a while. Adding in the first phase has now made it into a complete routine.

I highly recommend this and I will be using this a lot!!!