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Noted 2.0 by Gary Jones


Noted 2.0

Gary Jones
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £14.99

Noted 2.0 is a new updated version of Gary Jones’ original Noted gimmick which was released a couple of years back by Magictao.

The effect is simple. You walk up to a group of spectators holding a notepad and pen. Instantly the notepad turns into a deck of cards which can be used for your next effect.

The gimmick, which is available in red or blue backs, does all the work for you and is so simple to use. It is made well and will last a long time if looked after properly. The notepad side of the gimmick has been laminated so it can be written on with a dry erase pen which is a nice touch and opens up lots of potential. This is the kind of effect that’s so simple that if you can’t do it then magic really isn’t for you.

Misdirection is needed in the routine and Gary teaches a couple of simple methods that provide ample cover for the necessary move.

The main gripe I have with this product is really the instructional DVD. It runs to just about 9 minutes in total. With some products 9 minutes is all that’s needed but I couldn’t help feeling that more could have been added to this. The main effect and the original Noted handling is taught by Gary, who is accompanied by Chris Congreave, but that’s about all that is taught. Other uses for the gimmick are talked about on the DVD, including the use of an Invisible Deck, and an Omni Deck gimmick. It would have been nice to have seen both of these in action and explained properly. Especially the Invisible Deck, as it is not obvious how this would work by the quick discussion. Also the sound in places was not very good and even with the volume turned up full on my laptop I found it difficult to hear.

The effect itself is brilliant, well made and has lots of uses. Unfortunately the product was let down slightly by the DVD. I still recommend this though as it packs small and is an ideal opening effect!