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Augmented Reality Mind Reader By Damian Surr

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Augmented Reality Mind Reader

Damian Surr
Available from the App Store
Price: £17.49

Magic apps have been around since the birth of smart phones. Some have been good and some have been really bad. Thankfully over time new apps have been getting better and better. Augmented Reality Mind Reader (ARMR) by Damian Surr is no exception.

Basically using ARMR your iPhone can predict anything thought of by a spectator. You introduce a business card and ask the spectator to think of an object, number, playing card (anything in fact). Nothing is spoken (which eliminates the possibility of speech recognition). You hold your iPhone over the business card which can be seen on the phone’s screen. Mysteriously an image of a spinning brain appears for a few seconds. This disappears and the thought of word/object appears on the business card in the phone’s screen. It really does look good.

The app does the majority of the work for you. It doesn’t matter what angle you view the business card at the app will always overlay the image correctly. You can even move the phone around once the image appears and it will always stay at the correct angle. No matter how many times I have tried this I cannot help but smile every time the brain image appears.

Everything is contained within the app. The instructions are available either via the app or can be downloaded from the ARMR website. I would recommend downloading the 29 page PDF from the website so you can play around with the app whilst reading the instructions. This is much easier than flicking between the settings and instructions on your phone. There are lots of tips in the instructions and there are various settings available so you can customise the app to your needs. Video instructions will also be available to watch online, but at the time of writing this they hadn’t been uploaded to the site.

Four different designs of business card can be to download from the ARMR website. Three different sizes of each design are available should you need a larger image. The app will only work with these four designs so you can’t just use a blank business card. You can either print the designs out on card stock, or what I intend to do is it to have one of them printed on the back of my business card. One of the designs has a big white area which could be used for any other prediction routines – this is ideal for the back of a business card.

The app has three different modes for performing. I won’t go into these too much as it may give away the method. The first method is ideal for unexpected performances. Set in this mode you could go straight into the effect (providing you have one of the cards). The other two modes require a bit more work but I think are definitely worth the effort. So far I have been unable to test the third mode but hope to soon when the opportunity arises.

Damian’s first app, Card Now, is used by many magicians and this would be an ideal way to produce your business card with the ARMR design on it. If you haven’t already seen Card Now I recommend checking it out also as this is a great app.

The only thing I’m not too keen on is that when the prediction is revealed it completely overlays the business card design that you use. Especially when using the card design that has lots of white space it would have been nice if the white background of the image that appears on the card could have been made transparent. That way it would really look like the prediction appeared on the card as you would still see the design on the card. This is only a small point though and I’m not even sure whether this would be possible?

So far AMRM is only available for iPhone. I’m not sure whether there are plans for an Android version or not. Because of the processing power needed for the app to work an iPhone 4S or 5 are recommended to avoid the app running slowly.

This is a another great app by Damian that is very easy to do, fun to use and looks great! Once it’s on your phone you will have a brilliant effect at your disposal anytime you need it. Recommended.