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Spontaneous Combustion by Granell

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Spontaneous Combustion

Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £28.99

Spontaneous Combustion is a heavily gimmicked deck which gives the appearance of your fingers slowly burning through the deck of cards until it reaches a selected card. Well, that’s what the idea anyway.

The gimmicked desk is well made (using Bicycle playing cards) but does need to be doctored to give it a burnt appearance. I’m not convinced the method shown on the DVD for doing this is that convincing. I think if you were to take a lighter to the cards this would make them look more authentic.

Because of the way the deck is gimmicked it does make the pack quite awkward to handle. The cards tend to slide if you are not holding them quite right. Maybe with practise this becomes easier? Also you have to watch your angles otherwise you run the risk of exposing the cards prematurely. The cards can be fanned or spread out giving the impression it is a regular deck which is a nice convincer.

The instructional DVD supplied is in Spanish but does have subtitles. Even with subtitles it is fairly easy to follow and everything needed is taught by Granell.

I do have to say that the trailer for this makes it look pretty good, but then you would expect that, wouldn’t you? It’s not something I personally would use myself but if you like the look of the trailer and don’t mind carrying around a separate deck just for this effect then it may be worth a look.