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E-Rase by Julien Arlandis

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Julien Arlandis
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £52.99

Produced by Magic4Pro, E-Rase is an A4 sized perspex board that can be used to achieve many original mentalism effects.

The basic routine is as follows. ESP symbols are drawn on the perspex board using a dry erase marker pen. A spectator is asked to choose any symbol, it’s a free choice (no force). Using a cloth, you erase the chosen symbol. All the other symbols are now shown to have penetrated through the board and the ink is now on the reverse side.

What’s nice about this effect is that you are not limited to just ESP symbols. Anything can be written on the board. Having said that, you do have to be careful with certain things, and occasional a bit of prep is needed depending on what you write.

There is a gimmick involved that does all the work for you and it does works well. The main issue I have is that you have to acquire the gimmick from the same position every time you need it. To me this looks a bit suspicious if you need to erase something near the bottom of the board. It would be good if you had the ability to move the gimmick to suit. Sadly this is not the case.

Also, there is a big move that’s needed which requires a fair bit of misdirection to pull off. Due to the size of the board you do have to be careful when executing this.

For me, the board would be more practical if it was half its size. I’m not quite sure, as is, where would be more suitable to perform E-Rase. It’s really too big to carry around for close-up, and because of it’s transparent nature it may be difficult for spectators to see the writing in a parlour of stage setting?

You are supplied with the board and gimmick, a dry erase marker, and an instructional DVD. The DVD footage is filmed in French and is dubbed over in English. For the price I would have expected a suitable cloth to have been supplied too but one isn’t you have to supply your own. Various routines are shown and described on the DVD using drawings of ESP symbols, dice, letters and even people’s names so there’s plenty of choice and variety.

You will also need to find something suitable to store the E-Rase board in. As it’s perspex (plastic) it is prone to getting scratched. I haven’t had mine long and it already has a few marks on it. This may become a problem should the scratches become too distinctive, or noticeable.

I do like this and think the effect is strong. With a little more thought into the construction I think this could have been an excellent prop instead of being just above average.