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Collision by Tom Wright

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Tom Wright
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £64.99

Produced by Trickster, Collision is a precision made gimmick which gives you the ability to apparently stab a chosen (and signed) playing card from a mixed up bag full of folded cards.

Three routines are explained on the DVD. The first method is the simplest, and I think the best of the three. A fork is handed out for examination, and a card is chosen from a deck of cards. The spectator signs one corner of the chosen card which is then torn off and handed out as a receipt. The card is then folded into quarters and dropped into a clear bag of about 40 pre-folded playing cards. The actual card really does go into the bag, there’s no switch. The bag is shaken to give the cards a good mix. Next, several spectators cup their hands ready for some of the folded cards to be tipped into them. Once all the cards are shared out, you instruct, on the count of three, that the spectators throw all the cards at you. With the examined fork in hand the cards are thrown. You stab into the cards and are left with one card stuck on the prongs of the fork. The spectator removes the card from the fork (again no switch). It is the selected card, and the corner torn off matches exactly.

The method itself is very easy but there is a bit of prep needed for this version. If you were to perform this in a close-up setting you would have to make up a bunch of cards for each performance. Court cards work best for the gimmick, and each time this is performed you ruin a playing card so I would recommend buying a one way face deck giving you 52 performances worth of cards.

The gimmicked fork supplied does the majority of the work for you although you do have to watch your performing angles. It is well made and should last a lifetime. It has been made to match one of the most popular brands of forks found in restaurants. This gives you the option of borrowing a fork from a table should you notice it is the correct brand of fork. A regular ungimmicked fork is supplied though which can be used should the cutlery not match.

Something to bare in mind with Collision is that each time you perform it you will have to pick up all the folded cards from the floor. Obviously this makes it an ideal closing effect at a parlour show rather than in a tablehopping situation. You will also need a bit of floor space to perform this too. 2 to 3 metres distance between yourself and the spectators  is recommended on the DVD. This is to ensure the cards are thrown correctly and more importantly as a safety precaution. The last thing you want to do is stab one of your spectators in the head with a fork, even if you have magically found the selected card!

The second version taught enables any card to be selected from the deck and signed. Everything else is the same as the torn off corner routine but at the end the selected card is wedged between the prongs of the fork rather than spiked. To perform this version you will need to modify the gimmicked fork slightly.

The final version uses business cards with different occupations written on them instead of using playing cards. The card stabbed at the end has the same occupation as the one chosen by the spectator. This is ideal for performing on stage, and could be used as a mentalism effect if a bit or pre-show work was employed before hand.

This is the first release I have seen from Trickster. The DVD is well made and thoroughly explains everything need to know. There is also a nice bit of banter between the DVD’s host, Arron Jones, and Tom which makes it enjoyable to watch. There are several bloopers to watch right at the end too which are funny.

If you have ever fancied adding a card stab routine to your repertoire, that’s actually quite easy to do, then this could be just what you are looking for. Highly recommended!