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Flat Line by Jay Sankey



Jay Sankey
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £24.99

Few magicians have released, or continue to release, as much material as Jay Sankey. His head must be literally bursting with ideas. He has released some amazing magic over the years. Sadly there have also been some ‘not so good’ releases too.

Flat Line is one of his latest releases. It is not actually a trick, it is a gimmicked Sharpie marker which has been squashed at one end. The DVD shows various ways the gimmick can be used from simply apparently squashing the marker in your hands to magically changing between a dollar bill or playing card.

Sharpie gimmicks seem to be very popular at the moment with many variations on the market. Personally, Flat Line doesn’t really do it for me and I don’t see a real need for it.

Each gimmick looks to be hand made and here lies a problem. The one Jay uses on the DVD, and which is shown on the DVD cover, has been squashed into an almost perfect oval shape. The one I have is a lot rougher looking and has been squashed much more. Because of the way the one I have is made, it is too wide to use in the majority of ways Jay explains on the DVD. Business cards, playing cards or bills just don’t hide the gimmicked end.

If this had been the only thing provided within the package it would have been a complete let down. Luckily Jay has included 5 bonus effects on the DVD that have nothing to do with the Flat Line gimmick.

Included in the bonus section is:

  • A method for eating a wooden tooth pick that’s super easy to do but looks and sound great!
  • A mental effect using a lighter which not only predicts a chosen playing card but also a freely thought of number. Again very easy to do.
  • A Sharpie marker through card effect where a drawn on hole turns into a real hole which a marker can be passed through.
  • A nice magnetised marker cap effect where you show the pen cap snapping onto the pen but which cannot be removed by a spectator when handed for inspection.
  • A method for producing multiple marker pens by splitting one Sharpie marker into three. Great if you need to hand out pens to more than one spectator.


There are some really nice effects in the bonus section which are very easy to do and make up. They are classic Sankey  thinking and are all worth a try.

As as stand alone gimmick, personally, I do not like Flat Line. The package has been saved slightly from being a complete flop by the bonus section.