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Frea-Capped By Keiron Johnson

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Keiron Johnson
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £19.99

Featured by UK TV magician Troy on his show, Fre-capped by Kieron Johnson is a super quick trick where an uncapped Sharpie marker recaps itself in an instant while in your mouth.

You are supplied with a gimmicked Sharpie pen and enough extra material to make more gimmicks or repair the gimmick supplied should you need to.

The trick itself is very easy to do and is virtually self-working as the gimmick does all the work for you. You will need to switch the gimmicked marker in and out as it is not examinable and, in fact, can’t even be used to write with as it does not contain a nib or ink.

Various switches are taught by Kieron on the DVD along with a couple extra visual gags possible with a marker (marker up nose, etc).

As already mentioned, the effect is really fast to perform so I wouldn’t perform it as a stand alone effect. I can see it working if casually performed in the middle of a card routine where the spectator has already used the marker to sign a card.

I found the gimmick did make some noise when the cap went back onto the pen so this is something to bare in mind if performing in very quiet environments.

The DVD also explains how to make extra gimmicks which the materials supplied. I haven’t actually had a go myself at making one up as it does look a bit fiddly. I would imagine once you’ve made a few you could make new gimmicks up in around 5-10 mins. Thankfully a Sharpie is supplied already made up that should last hundreds of performances.

If you like quick visual tricks that you can perform as soon as you’ve opened the packet then I would recommend picking up Fre-capped.