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Lightspeed by Perseus Arkomanis

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Perseus Arkomanis
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Price: £19.99

I first became aware of Perseus Arkomanis earlier this year at The Blackpool Magician’s Convention where he was working on Alakazam’s stand. He approached Graham Hey and I on Magicseen’s stand where we were both working and asked if I we had a £1 coin. Routing through our money box we handed over a regular £1 coin. He cleanly showed it to us and then proceeded to smash the coin on our table where it changed into two 50 pence pieces. We were both amazed. Discussing the effect after Perseus had left we knew he had to have sleeved the £1 coin but it was so fast we never saw a thing. What we had witnessed was just one of the many effects possible with Lightspeed.

Lightspeed is a relatively simple method for sleeving coins (or other small objects). The technique itself is not hard to do but does require practise as there is a knack to it. Once you got it you’ll have a great technique that you can use any time you want.

Lots of different effects/moves are taught on the DVD. There’s a Copper/Silver routine that requires no gimmicks, Coin Through Glass Table, Coin in Bottle. There’s the Coin Smash which I have already mentioned, and a method for also restoring the coins back to the original borrowed coin. There’s a version of David Williamson’s Strike Vanish, as well as couple of routines with spoons and pens.

Each routine is explained in detail on the DVD. There’s also a practice drill to get the technique just right. Perseus goes into the mechanics of sleeving and does a great job of explaining the psychology involved.

What I like about this technique is that you do not need large sleeves to be able to sleeve the coins. The technique allows you to sleeve wearing any kind of sleeve no matter how small. I was skeptical at first but once I tried I realised the coins just pop right in there.

You get a lot of magic for your money on this DVD but you get much more than that. You get a technique that will serve you well any time you need it and that’s priceless!