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At The Table Live Lecture – Greg Wilson

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Greg Wilson
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Each week Murphy’s Magic are running a live lecture (At The Table) which are available to watch live online. On August 27th 2014 Greg Wilson took to the table. Running at 3 hours and 11 minutes, and hosted by Mike Hankin, viewers had the privilege of seeing Greg perform and explain some great close up magic. Some of the material has been taught before either on his DVDs or in his various lecture notes. There was also some unseen effects too.

The lecture was broken down into 3 main sections. Impromptu Magic, Card Magic, and then a section where recent film footage of Greg was analysed. The last section was particularly interesting.

Here’s a breakdown of each section:


Party Bag: This is Greg’s version of a bottle production. It’s easy to make up and very easy to do. It is an ideal opening effect.
Colour Changing Sugar Packet: This is a novel idea using the cardboard ring from a paper coffee cup. A white sugar packet is dropped through the paper ring several times. On the last drop is changes colour. Everything can be examined. This is very easy to do and can be set up in seconds.
Pitch and Ditch: Due to popular demand Greg performs and explains his Pitch & Ditch technique. This is a brilliant method for getting rid of small objects and is perfect for  those times when all you have on you is a couple of coins and you get asked to show someone some magic. Greg gets a lot of magic out of such a simple move.
Pick Pocketing: A masterclass in basic pickpocketing that actually isn’t that hard to do. I’ve been doing this for a number of years since seeing it on one of Greg’s earlier DVDs. Greg is a master at this and his performance with one of the audience members is a joy to watch.
Ring Side: A simple transposition effect between a coin and a finger ring. Again very easy to do but gets great reactions. If you are familiar with simple sleight of hand then you’ll have no problem with this.
Watch Steal: Greg teaches his method for stealing a watch. This is something I have always wanted to try, and after watching how easy Greg makes it look I think I’m going to give this one a go.
Coin in Hand: Greg tips his version of the classic Coin in Hand. The best thing here is that no expensive gimmicks are used only a normal coin. Combined with the watch steal this is a great routine.
Exact Change: This is one of Greg’s marketed effects where a spectator is asked to name a number between 1 and 100. No matter what they say you have that exact amount of change in your trouser pocket. If you don’t already own this then I recommend checking this out.
Coin Transposition: A very simple coin transpo effect that can be done with regular coins. Only one basic sleight is needed for this quick visual effect.
Stick Shift: A cocktail stick is broken in half. Each half is held between your first finger and thumb…one piece in each hand. With ease the two sticks penetrate each other before finally restoring themselves. This is Greg’s take on a classic effect normally performed with matchsticks.
Colour Changing Lighter: Greg shows his handling of a Vernet effect where a disposable lighter changes from blue to red. Tricks don’t really come much easier than this.


Revolution: This is an effect which Greg will be releasing soon so only a performance was shown of this. A neat trick where you spin the card box on your finger. Greg can be seen demonstrating this in the above video trailer.
Card Peek and Revelation: Not a new trick but Greg’s take on a classic revelation of a peeked at card. What’s nice about this version is that he leads his spectator to believe that he has the wrong card in mind only to reveal he knew all along what the card was.
Card Under Box: A multi-phase routine where a selected card repeatedly appears, on, under and inside a card box. At the end all the cards appear in the box except the selected card. A great routine that’s definitely worth the effort to learn.
Double Take: Greg shows his handling of a double card, and how to spin it between your hands. This was originally taught on his DVD ‘Double Take.


Four different performance situations were shown and then explained. They we all ‘problem situations’ that anyone who performs regularly could get in to. After each clip Greg talks about what was wrong and what he did to get out of each situation. It was refreshing to see a seasoned pro get into some of the nightmare scenarios we all dread.

To finish off the lecture Greg performed his version of Slydini’s Paper Balls. No explanation was given here but none was actually needed. This is a brilliant routine that uses nothing more than a few paper napkins and whatever other items you may have at hand.

Questions were fired at Greg throughout the whole 3 hours from both audience members and online viewers. Some good points were made and discussed about aspects of some of the tricks and of performing in general. Personally I would have liked to have seen a few more card items but that’s just me.This was a well rounded lecture with much to learn.

I have been a big fan of Greg Wilson for a long time and thought this was a thoroughly enjoyable lecture. Recommended!