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Drop by Lyndon Jugalbot



Lyndon Jugalbot
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £17.99

Produced by Magic Tao, Drop is a cool card gimmick which makes it possible for a signed card to visibly return to the top of the deck.

The basic routine is that a card is selected and returned to the centre of the pack. You show that the card is not on the top or the bottom of the deck. Dropping the deck from one hand to the other the signed card is instantly back on top of the deck.

You are supplied with an already made up gimmick, plus the instructional DVD (hosted by Chris Webb) showing how the gimmick works, and various ways of using it.

The gimmick itself is very clever, is well constructed and does the job well. It does need to be set before it can be used so this needs to be taken into consideration. It only takes a few seconds though so can be set quite easily.

Various ways of getting the gimmick to work were shown on the DVD. Several explanations of the change on the DVD didn’t work so well but if you just use the basic drop handling then this is a great bit of kit.

A couple of effects possible are shown briefly on the DVD. There’s a torn and restored card effect. I personally didn’t like it that much as I don’t really think it is very practical. There was also rising card effect which could work well. What I do like about the gimmick and how it works is there are lots of different effects possible given some thought. One that sprung instantly to my mind was the transposition of two signed cards. One card could be signed by you and the other by a spectator. Placing yours on top and the spectator’s in the centre of the pack they could instantly and visibly change places.

Extra materials are supplied in the package so if any DIY is needed on the gimmick then you have the necessary means to fix it. This is all shown on the DVD.

This is a solid release from Magi Tao which is very easy to do and has lots of potential.