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Look by Limin

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Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £15.99

LOOK, by Limin is a novel way of finding a selected card. You hand a spectator a blank card, ask them to stick two googly eyes on to the card and using a marker draw a face. You ask the spectator to give him a name (for fun!)….. let’s call him Steve!. A card is then selected and lost back in the deck. One by one, cards are passed over Steve, when suddenly his eyes move, following one card. This is the spectator’s selected card. Steve can be given away at the end if you wish.

Although a very simple effect I can see that a lot of fun can be had with it. The routine is very easy to do and if you have any basic card handling knowledge then this will be a doddle.

You are supplied with a bag of googly eyes (approx 20), a few blank cards and another gimmick which does all the work. Personally I would use the back of my business card to stick the eyes on to, that way you not only give away the drawing but your contact details too. It’s worth bearing in mind that if you do give away the card each time then you will be quickly out of your supply of googly eyes. I’m sure extra eyes are available to buy separately, but it’s something to think about. The blank cards supplied have been laminated, so if you don’t want to give away the card each time you could reuse the same card…you would just need to use a dry erase pen for the drawing part, which could be wiped off.

The instructions supplied are simple…in fact all it is is a folded piece of A5 card. A URL to online teaching videos is listed in the paper instructions but these turned out to be in Chinese so of not much use. To be honest, the effect is so simple that the brief paper instructions are sufficient.

If you are looking for a fun, novel way of finding a selected card then this is worth a LOOK!……….See what I did there?!!! 🙂