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Magnetic Deck by Granell

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Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £25.00

The Magnetic Deck is advertised as a way of learning advanced sleights with playing cards in half the time it would with a regular deck.

23 effects are shown on the DVD (most aren’t actual effects and are just flourishes). Each clip is only around 1 minute in length…..that includes the performance and the explanation.

The majority of the effects look under-rehearsed and very clumsy. Out of all the effects there were only two that I thought looked OK. To be honest I would say that 95% of what’s taught could be achieved with a stack of cards that have literally been stuck together with glue. The other 5% could be done with a regular deck with not to much practise.

As well as having magnets inside the small packets, they are also taped together. Because of the way the cards are taped it makes them awkward to handle and limits what can actually be done with them. If they were just small packets of cards that stuck together magnetically I think they would have been more useful.

The other downside is that you have to add the gimmick into a regular deck which means losing around 20 regular cards in order for the deck to look normal. This makes the deck only really useable for effects using the gimmick.

If you like the trailer then maybe have a look at this. Personally I think this is one of those releases that is totally unnecessary.