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Celebri-Date by Sean Goodman

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Sean Goodman
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Over the years, there have been many different magic effects using a diary. Sean Goodman’s latest release, Celebri-Date, is his take on the diary plot.

Here’s brief description of a basic effect possible with Celebri-Date: A diary is handed out for inspection. Written on each date is the name of a famous person. The spectator is asked to think of a date, either their own birthday, or a date that is special to them and write it down on a business card. Bringing out a deck of cards you explain that each card in the deck reminds you of a different famous person. The spectator chooses a card (e.g. 5 of Hearts). You say that this card makes you think of Leonardo Da Vinci. When they look through the diary at the date they originally thought of, Leonardo Da Vinci is the name written down for that exact date. You can also reveal the star sign for the date too should you wish to.

Typically with other diary effects, each date in the diary has been filled out with the name of a playing card, and as there are only 52 cards in a deck the card values are repeated several times throughout the diary. The Celebri-Date diary has been filled out with 366 completely different names of famous people. This makes the diary completely examinable. They really can think of any date (no force) and you can tell them the name of the famous person written under that date.

The diary (approx A6 in size) supplied does the job required. I think if you were to use it a lot it may become slightly dog-eared over time. As it isn’t a gimmicked diary though this means that you could buy a good quality diary from a shop and hand write in the names under each date should you need to replace the original supplied.

The basic trick itself is very easy to do and is a real fooler. I had no idea how it was done when I first saw the trailer. There are no markings or memory work involved at all so don’t be put off by thinking you need to memorise 366 dates. You are provided with a visual aid for every date/name which is cleverly hidden in plain sight. 🙂

Various handlings are taught on the DVD by Sean. There’s a version which just uses the diary and nothing else. This method is quite bold and may not be suitable for everyone. The other routines, which also use a deck of cards as well as the diary, need a bit more work but what’s nice with these variations is that you never need to touch the diary at all. You will also need a stack of business cards.

As with his other previous releases (Genetics, Tick Tock, Starstruck, etc) Sean has a knack of creating good solid magic effects without the complexity you find with many other tricks on the market – Celebri-Date is no exception. He is able to strip an effect right down to its bare essentials without losing any of its impact.

I personally really like this and can see myself using this a lot. Highly recommended!