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Domino Effect by Alex Pandrea

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Alex Pandrea
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £28.99

Domino Effect is a simple yet visual transformation of two sugar packets in a spectator’s hand. It was part of a Alex’s lecture he did a couple of weeks ago at a local convention I attended and it was very well received.

A gimmick is needed to perform the effect (one is supplied with the DVD). Although a replacement gimmick is easy to construct, I think the main issue, here in the UK, is actually getting hold of the two different kinds of sugar packets Alex uses.  Sweet & Low, and Splenda are the two brands you ideally need for this work but they don’t seem to be easily obtainable here without having to buy bulk loads of them from the internet. I’m sure there would be other brands that work just as well, you would have to experiment to find what works the best. The key is making sure that the sachets are the same size and are of contrasting colours.

The gimmick itself works well. You do need to watch your angles before and after the change is made though. Anyone looking over your shoulder before the change would get a glimpse of the workings, and after the change you have to be careful how you handle the sachet so the opposing colour doesn’t flash.

The DVD runs to about 30 mins and explains how to construct the gimmick as well as additional handling tips. For completeness there’s even an ungimmicked version of the effect taught. This is nowwhere near as visual as the version using the gimmick, but it’s something you could do impromptu should you be asked to perform some magic. You don’t even need to use sugar packets for this version, two contrasting items would work.

Any effect where you can make a spectator think that something has magically switched in their own hands is a good thing. Domino Effect achieves this very well. If you can get hold of the correct sachets needed then, although it’s not the cheapest of effects, this is worth a look.