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Safe Keeping by Wayne Fox & Andy Clockwise

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Safe Keeping

Wayne Fox & Andy Clockwise
Available from: www.foxmagicprojects.com
Price: £29.99 + £4.50 p&p (UK)

Imagine being able to fold a borrowed banknote into a small packet which is shown and placed into a spectator’s hands only to have it completely vanish and appear inside a small keychain capsule which is attached to your keys inside your pocket. Well that’s exactly what is achievable with Safe Keeping.

You are supplied with a gimmicked keychain capsule which does most of the hard work for you. There is no reel involved so there’s no danger of it breaking mid-performance or it flying half way across the room. The capsule can be kept on your keys at all times so you are ready to go at any time. Because of the way the gimmick works you do need to be careful how you pull your keys out of your pocket if it’s on your everyday key chain. I’ve had mine on my keys for a couple of weeks now and the capsule has fallen off a few times. Just something to be wary of.

You are also supplied with an ungimmicked capsule should there be a need to hand it out for examination. Personally I don’t see a need for this. If performed correctly, as with all magic, there should be no reason for a spectator to suspect the capsule is anything other than ordinary. Also, I have had my Safe Keeping capsule on my keys for a while the capsule has the odd mark/dent on it as and the silver has dulled slightly as you would expect rubbing against a set of key. If you wanted to switch capsules you would have to make sure that the regular capsule has been worn in too so there’s not a noticeable difference between the two.

Wayne takes you through everything needed to know on the DVD that comes in the package. He is also joined by Andy Clockwise where together they talk about how Safe Keeping came about and the various steps it took to get to the finished product. I always find it interesting to see how something has evolved from just an idea into a finished effect.

The method is actually quite easy to do and doesn’t take much work to get the basic handling down to a reasonable standard. It is a great moment when you bring out your keys from your pocket and screw off the lid of the capsule 🙂

If you are not comfortable vanishing the note from a spectator’s hand there’s a basic handling where you vanish the note yourself in your hands. Using a spectator’s hand does open up the possibility of switching the note when placing it in their hands which is a great additional phase to the routine. You could easily switch it for an IOU note, or a toy note from a children’s shop set. Wayne does sell notes that look like they have been hand drawn by a young kid on his website. These are produced by Steve Rowe and are printed on Tyvek which doesn’t rip so if you want to go down this route then I recommend getting hold of some of these as the will last forever.

Safe Keeping is a great alternative to the regular Ring Flight type effect where a spectator’s ring appears on your key ring. As Wayne mentions on the DVD, one of the good things about using a spectator’s note is that it is only worth the value of the note. So should anything go wrong, (although you’d have to be very unlucky to lose their money with this) it’s not like you have lost or damaged a £3000 diamond ring.

I have been using Safe Keeping for a couple of weeks now and it gets great reactions. I like the fact that it is always with me so if I get asked to show someone something I can do this. Highly recommended. Another solid product from Fox Magic Projects!!