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Firefly by Joel Dickinson

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Joel Dickinson
Available from: www.warpedmagic.co.uk
Price: £14.99 + p&p

Card to Impossible Location (CTIL) is not a new concept in magic, and over the years there have been many different variations on the market – Clarity Box, John Kennedy’s Mystery box to name just a couple…

If you are not familiar with the concept of CTIL then basically at the end of a card routine a signed card ends up inside an object (usually a box) which has been in plain sight from the start of the routine. Firefly is the latest version by Joel Dickinson where the card ends up inside a matchbox which was previously shown as empty at the start. The spectator can even hold the matchbox throughout the routine.

You are supplied with the necessary gimmicks (enough to make up 6 boxes, 3 red and 3 blue backed) which do all the hard work for you. You will need to buy your own regular matchbox but it will only take you a minute or so adapt the box once you have it.

The principle is simple but actually very deceptive. You can very cleanly open the tray to how that a card has now appeared inside, and when you place the box on the table, or on a spectator’s hand they can take out the card themselves. A bit of spectator management is required at the end as the box cannot be examined. Obviously it would be very easy to switch the box for an ungimmicked version if you felt the need to.

The effect itself is very easy to do, and once you have made up the gimmicked matchbox it shouldn’t take much work to get this down if you have previous experience with cards. What I like about the gimmick is that it has been made in such a way that it works no matter which way you open up the matchbox. You do have to be careful not to push the tray too far out though otherwise you could flash the gimmick.

As with the majority of effects where a card appears inside a small box, you are required to perform a Mercury Card Fold. Joel briefly explains this on the accompanying DVD but also offers a simpler way of folding the card into quarters if you are not comfortable with a Mercury Card Fold. Personally, I think the Mercury Card Fold is the best and cleanest way to achieve a folded card so it’s worth the effort learning it. There are lots of resources available in print and online which teach this.

The reset is very simple. All you have to do is put the sleeve back on the matchbox tray and you’re set to go, making this great for strolling or table hopping.

Once you have played around with Firefly for a little while you soon realise that it is not limited to just making it look like a signed playing card has appeared inside the box. Yes it has to be a playing card, but one idea I had was to use it for John Archer’s Komedy Killer routine instead of a wallet or envelope, or Wayne Dobson’s Invisible Deck routine. You could easily have a set of cards in an index where you could steal them out and load them into the matchbox.

I do really like this, and I can see myself using it. It is small and takes up almost no pocket space… and, providing you have a deck of cards, whose backs match the gimmick, you are ready to go. It’s also a bargain price at ¬£14.99. I recommend checking this out!