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Dream Prediction Elite by Paul Romhany

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Paul Romhany
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £70.00 (approx)

Most stage mentalists at some point will have included some form of Confabulation routine in their act. It is a classic effect that really does get great reactions. What Paul Romhany has done with Dream Prediction Elite is now make this brilliant routine useable in a close-up environment.

There are a couple of full performances on the DVD and then Paul goes into explaining how the effect works, along with several other variations of the basic routine. There’s the basic ‘Holiday’ type routine on there as well as a nice ‘Lottery’ effect using. One routine using a watch (a Bev Bergeron idea) works really well and adds some time misdirection to the routine. Once you know how the effect works you really can prediction anything at all.

The basic handling of the Dream Prediction routine is actually not that hard to do at all. There’s only really one move, if you can call it a move, and this is easy to do will a little practice. The illusion of the prediction paper coming out the envelope at the end really  does look good. This is based on Roger Curzon’s brilliant Miracle Card to Envelope.  What I really like about how the envelope works is that it instantly resets to is ideal for tablehopping.

You are supplied with a well made wallet (by Alan Wong), 10 envelopes and 1 note pad. The wallet itself is not actually gimmicked but it has been specially made for this routine and holds everything inside. As mentioned, the wallet is well made but personally I think it would have been nice if it had as small strap and press stud to keep it closed when not in use. Once the pad, pen and envelope are inserted the wallet doesn’t sit closed and constantly want to open due to the bulk of the props. This is only a minor detail though and once the wallet leather softens this may become less of an issue for me.

The envelopes will need to be made up before you can use them. This will take little bit of experimentation to get the envelope working to your liking, but once you’ve figured out what works for you then it should only take a few minutes to make extra envelopes should you need them. This is all taught on the DVD.

You can reuse the envelope over and over so the 10 you are supplied with should last for quite a while. For the price, it would have been nice to have been supplied with a couple more extra note pads, although these should be easy to get hold of at a local office supplies when you need more.

I have always loved Confabulation but not really had the opportunity to perform it as I only do close-up magic. Dream Prediction Elite has now made it possible for me to do it and it’s one I will definitely be using from now on.

Close-up Magicians will love adding this to their repertoire, Stage Mentalists will probably hate the fact that one of their prized possessions is now available to the strolling/tablehopping magician. 🙂 Highly recommended