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A Forced Thought by Steven Himmel

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Steven Himmel
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: $4.95

A spectator is asked to see a card from a riffled deck of cards and keep it in mind. The cards are shuffled and handed to the spectator. They are asked to deal the cards one by one on to the table and stop whenever they want (no force). The card they stop on is the card they are thinking of.

At just 6 minutes long (or short) this is one of the shortest downloads I think I have seen. Despite it only being really short everything needed to know is shown and explained well. The video starts off with a performance and then runs straight into the two explanations.

I can’t quite put my finger on it but I am sure I have seen this, or something very similar, before in print? The method (if you haven’t figured it out from the clip) is very simple but does the job well. if you are familiar with cards then you will be doing this pretty much straight away.

The deck is not a regular deck (so can’t be examined), although you give the impression that it is during the routine. Part of the method involves shuffling the cards before handing them to the spectator. This is not a problem if you are just performing it once, but if you are tablehopping, for instance, you will need a minute or so in private to reset. Not ideal.

The main method requires a faro shuffle but, for those who can’t perform a faro, an alternative handling is shown.

If you like the effect then at only $4.95 it is worth a look.