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Coin Thru Nose by Tyler Sutter

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Tyler Sutter (additional handling by Lonnie Lyerla)
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £23.99

Billed as Coin Thru Nose, this is actually a Coin From Nose routine (not through). A coin is signed and vanished. The coin is then plucked from inside your nose. The coin can be examined (if you can get a spectator to touch the coin, that is).

You will need to be comfortable with pushing a coin inside one of your nostrils. Both a dime and a quarter are used on the DVD. I tried with a UK penny (roughly same as a dime) and it feels completely alien. I can’t even imagine trying with a UK 10p (quarter size)? Of course it is a foreign body being shoved up your nose so it is bound to feel odd. If you are familiar with the effect “Blockhead’ then you probably won’t have any issues.

Two neat vanishes are taught. The first is where you appear to swallow the coin, and the second where you appear to push the coin in your eye. Both vanishes could be used in any of your other coin routines so are worth studying.

Two versions of the routine are taught (Stage & Close-up). Personally I think this works best on stage, or at least using the stage handling that is taught. It is perfect for Halloween or for any other bizarre themed gig you may be performing at. I wouldn’t recommend performing at the top table of a swanky wedding 🙂

If you are comfortable pushing a coin up your nose then this is not a difficult routine to do. The vanishes will take a bit of work to make them look smooth but the rest is really just acting.

Bizzarists will probably love…..Me? Not so much!