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Decode by Rizki Nanda

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Rizki Nanda
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £22.50

If you are familiar with Rizki Nanda you will know that he loves creating card gimmicks. Decode, released by World Magic Shop, is his latest creation.

A card is selected and placed in a spectator’s bag or pocket. You ask the spectator to try and mentally send you the name of their card. On the border of playing card you write a code. You explain that you will unscramble the code as it doesn’t make sense as it is. A flick of the card and the code visually changes into their selected card.

The gimmicked card supplied does all the hard work for you making this a very simple effect to perform. Only a small amount of sleights are needed. What I like about the routine is that you end clean. The spectator can check, and keep, the two cards in play.

The gimmick is very cleverly made and can be customised however you like. Instead of writing a code you could write the name of another playing card which then turns into the correct card (i.e. 8 of Spades to Ace of Spades, you could use the old gag where you misheard what they were trying to send you).

The DVD shows both ‘on the street’ and studio performances of the basic routine. World Magic Shop’s Jonathan Farr does a good job of explaining everything on the DVD. As well as the explanation of the routine, there’s a section too showing you how to make up the gimmicks should you need to – although you do get one already made up in the package. The audio on the construction section of the DVD was a little out of sync on the copy I watched but as most of the focus was on the hands constructing the gimmick I didn’t find that too much of a distraction.

Having played around with the gimmick for a while I did notice that you have to be careful with your lighting conditions. There is a risk of the gimmick being exposed in certain lights….just something to bare in mind.

This is not the cheapest of effects but if you like the look of the trailer then this is definitely worth picking up. Recommended!