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A.C.A.A.N. Meeting by Tango Magic

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A.C.A.A.N. Meeting

Marcelo Insúa (Tango Magic)
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £16.99

Magicians having been searching for the perfect version of the ‘Any Card At Any Number’ (ACAAN) plot since it was first devised. Tango Magic have released four versions of this classic plot for you to have a look at on their latest release A.C.A.A.N. Meeting.

Set in the Bar Magico, Marcelo ‘Mr Tango’ Insua is joined by Juan Pablo Ibanez, Sergio Bustos and Francisco Nardi where they discuss each of the four routines on the DVD. Mr Tango performs three of the four routines and Juan Pablo Ibanez performs the final version.

The first version, in the performance on the DVD by Mr Tango, looks about as clean as it can be. A card is selected, and a number is called out. When the spectator counts down to their number it is the card they selected. The method however is not that simple. Without giving away too much away, you will need to have a certain technique in your arsenal. Without it, it is not possible to perform this version, and the technique needed isn’t something you will be able to learn overnight either it will take weeks (if not longer) of practise. There is a really nice invisible classic force (no cards) taught in this routine that would easily be used in other card routines. Even if you are not able to perform this routine the force is worth learning.

The second routine is slightly different. This time, Mr Tango writes a number on a pad. The spectator calls out a card. Mr Tango show the number he wrote on the pad. When they count to the number written down, it is the named card. This method uses a combination of the same technique needed to perform the first routine on the DVD, combined with a very old mentalism idea. Again, if you have the main technique down then this is a simple routine. If you don’t, it will take some work and dedication to get to a point where you can do this.

The third routine performed by Mr Tango is an impromptu, and very easy version. A card is selected and lost back in the deck. A number is named. The card is at that same number once again. There is no set up with this version. It is a good routine but nowhere near as clean as the first routine on the DVD. If you are used to handling cards then you will be doing this straight away.

The final routine is by Juan Pablo Ibanez and was probably my favourite of the four. This uses two decks. A spectator selects a deck and either names a number or cuts the deck and counts how many cards they have cut. The next two cards are looked at and a new card is created using the value of one, and the suit of the other. When they open the second deck and deal down to the number they named, or cards cut to, it is an exact match of the card created from the two cards of the first deck.

The method is very clever indeed but does require stacking both decks. There is a PDF on the DVD showing the order they need to be in though which makes it easy to set the decks up. Once you have set up the decks the routine can actually be done without you even touching the deck. I will definitely be trying this version out to see how well it plays.

There are a few translation issues on the final routine as Juan Pablo only speaks Spanish. This means that Mr Tango has to translate, as best he can, what Juan Pablo is saying. Once you understand how the set-up works though this isn’t an issue.

All four routines are decent solutions to the ACAAN plot. I don’t think are the holy grail that all card magicians are searching for though. If you are interested in the ACAAN plot though then the DVD is worth a watch.