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Water Works by Uday Jadugar


Water Works

Uday Jadugar (produced by Paul Harris presents…)
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £28.99 (approx)

Here’s the blurb: Your always-empty hands take a normal examined clear plastic bottle of water and turn it mouth down. There should be a messy flood of water…but instead, there are just a few drips…and then…nothing! The water stays impossibly suspended inside the upside-down open bottle. The cap and bottle are inspected and there is nothing to find!! No Ditching! No Palming! No Stealing!

And even cooler than that…you then push a FULL SIZE pencil or pen up into the open bottle mouth…completely in the water!

I have to start off by saying that the method for this is very clever indeed and the effect itself does look good. The gimmick is well made and will stand up to being examined at the end. I have had some fun playing around with this. I do however have a few issues with the routining of the effect.

You are supplied with a regular plastic bottle and a gimmicked bottle cap which does all the hard work for you. The cap will fit other bottles of the same size lid so this can be transferred in you feel the need.

To get the gimmick into position you are required to put the cap back onto the bottle. The basic routine sees a spectator taking hold of the bottle and taking a sip of water. The bottle is handed back to the magician and the lid is then put back on to the bottle and then instantly removed again. This to me is completely unnatural. Why would you put on and take off the lid again. In the advertising for Water Works it states, ‘Your always-empty hands’…. personally I think it works better to have the gimmick in finger palm and then load the gimmick by hand when the spectator hands you back the bottle after taking a sip. It is very easy to load this way and to me is a more natural action. OK, you are not as clean as having completely empty hands but to me this make more sense.

At the end of the routine the cap is screwed back on, stealing back the gimmick. Everything can now be examined. Once the gimmick is out of play, it is locked in position. The cap needs to be reset should you need to repeat the effect. To avoid your spectators asking you to repeat it instantly you could ask them to have a try turning the bottle upside down. Obviously when they turn the bottle over the water will pour out. Without water in the bottle you cannot repeat the effect…..problem solved.

In the package, you also get a couple of small balls. Instead of pushing the ball up inside the bottle, you are able to have a spectator drop the ball into the water themselves. After you have done the necessary business of loading the gimmick you turn the bottle upside down. The ball will slowly sink down through the water and pop out of the opening of the bottle. In some ways I actually prefer this routine to the basic handling using a pencil. It really does look good.

Bro Gilbert is the host of the DVD and runs through everything you need to know, from how the gimmick works to how to look after it.

Water Works is the perfect street magic effect. It is very cleverly made and you are sure to have a lot of fun with.