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Stand Up Magic by Tom Wright

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Stand Up Magic

Tom Wright
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £28.00 (approx)

Stand Up Magic is Tom Wright’s latest release. It is not an effect in itself, but a new way of performing close-up magic at a function where your spectators are seated at a table.

Disk one, of two DVDs, is packed full of performances where you can watch Tom in action using his Stand Up Magic technique. Tom can be seen performing routines such as Chop Cup, Bottle Through Table, Ring on Rope, Bottle Production, Cards From Mouth and Card In Mouth. As well as live performances there is also a studio performance of each routine. These were interesting to watch, if not a little strange in places. Tom’s full patter was used in the studio performances but as he was by himself he was talking to invisible spectators 🙂

Disk two is the explanation disk. Tom starts of by explaining the history behind Stand Up Magic and what the benefits are. It is clear to see from the performance disk that it is a great method to use when performing around the tables.

Here’s a few benefits from incorporating Stand Up Magic to your performance:
1. Spectators can see better what’s going on, and are more interactive.
2. Your angles are better.
3. It prevents waiters from trying to serve food before you have finished your routine.
4. The spectators can hear you better.
5. You could use the same set on every table…. if you wanted to.
6. Spectators can hear better.
7. It creates an all-round better atmosphere.
8. Any photos taken look better.
9. You can perform routines that you might have ordinarily not been able to do due to lighting issues.

Also on disk two are full explanations of all the routines seen on the performance disk. I especially liked Tom’s Chop Cup routine and his Ring on Rope. I will be putting some time in to learn both of these.

All the effects are solid workers and, watching the many performances on disk one, it is clear to see that Tom has done this set of effects many times.

I am certainly going to give Stand Up Magic a try at the next available opportunity. Even if you don’t want to employ the technique yourself, the effects taught on the second DVD are worthy of the asking price. This is definitely one to check out. It could change the way you perform your magic forever.