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Synchronicity by Chris Ramsay

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Chris Ramsay
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: $8.95

Synchronicity by Chris Ramsay is a video download teaching three sleights. Running to approximately 30 minutes the three routines all use one main sleight as their basis.

The first move called ‘Klepto Steal’ is a method of copping a card, not from the bottom of the pack as it is usually done but, from the top of the deck. This looks great to camera. You will have to watch your angles though performing this if you are surrounded.

The second move is the ‘Marvel Change’. Once again the main move used for ‘Klepto Steal’ is utilised again but this time for a colour change. After the initial change the card instantly changes back to the original card. Again this looks great to camera or if you are performing it straight on. The hand is cleanly shown empty before the second change. Angles are the main consideration again here.

The final sleight is ‘Aeon Control’. This is where the top card is shown and turned over. In this action the card has been switched for the top card of the deck. This has a lot less angle issues than the first too sleights but will take some practise to get the actions nice and smooth. Visually it looks good and could easily be used in an Ambitious Card routine, or any other routine which required a change.

The main move, which is used in one form or other for all three sleights on the download, is not as hard as it actually looks. It is a bit knacky, but shouldn’t take you long to get it down. The hardest part is executing the move quickly and silently.

All three moves/sleights will take work to get them to look as good as they executed by Chris. It is clear here has spent a lot of time perfecting these, and handles the cards beautifully.

As a bonus, for you Move Monkeys out there, Chris talks about a few other ways the main move could be utilised.

Personally out of the three moves taught I think I would get the most use from ‘Klepto Steal’. In the right conditions this is an almost invisible way of copping a card from the top of the deck.

The downside to this release is, that if you cannot get the main action down then you won’t be able to perform any of the three moves taught. So if you struggle with harder then average sleight of hand then this may not be for you. However, if you like visual looking sleights, and are fairly competent with cards, then for approximately £6.00, in UK money, it’s worth checking out.