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Sizzle by John Bannon

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John Bannon
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £17.99 (approx)

Packet tricks are either loved or hated by magicians. Personally I love them and Sizzle by John Bannon is no exception.

You start off by showing a packet of jokers with the Ace of Spades positioned in the centre of them. Three of the jokers are placed onto the table. The jokers in your hand are shown to all have red backs. You remove one red backed joker and replace it with one of the tabled jokers which has a blue back. Instantly all the jokers in your hand now have blue backs. This is repeated two more times, first all the jokers turn to green backed, and then purple backed. The only card whose back hasn’t been seen is the Ace of Spades. This is turned over to show an orange back. The audience automatically assume that the jokers will now turn orange. Instead the cards are spread face down showing that every joker now has a different coloured back. Just when the spectators think the trick is over, for a kicker ending, the cards are turned face up to show the jokers have now changed to the best hand in a game of poker…a royal flush in Spades.

You are supplied with all the cards needed (printed on USPCC stock) to perform this powerful trick along with full DVD instructions. Produced by Big Blind Media the quality of the DVD production is second to none. Three performances are shown, two by Liam Montier and one by John Bannon. Liam then runs through the set up and then takes you through each step of the routine.

There are no difficult moves involved so if you are familiar with cards then you will have no issue performing it. You probably already use the moves. There is a set up which needs to be reset after each performance but this takes a matter of seconds to do.

This is a very strong effect which uses a few cards and a few simple sleights. You are able to get a of magic out of a few cards and the kicker ending is great!

If you love packet tricks then I suggest you buy this right now. If you don’t like packet tricks I suggest you buy it anyway….this might change your mind!! Recommended!