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Deranged by Jay Sankey

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Jay Sankey
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £24.99 (approx)

Often the simplest magic effects are the best, and Deranged by Jay Sankey is no exception.

Here’s the effect: You bring out a folded prediction which can be handed to a spectator to hold throughout the routine. Next, a cut up postcard of the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is shown and a piece is selected by the spectator. The remaining pieces are mixed up, both face up and face down. The mixed up pieces are spread on the table and laid out to make up the photograph (some bits are face up and some face down). One piece is missing of course, the one that the spectator chose. When you open your prediction it matches the exact piece that was chosen. Not only that but when the prediction is turned over it shows an exact copy of the way the spectator mixed the pieces.

You are supplied with all the bits you need to perform this great effect. All you have to do is to cut up the cards and fold the prediction then you are good to go.

Two versions are taught on the DVD, one involving a switch and one without. The only difference in the two versions is that all the pieces can be fully examined at the start of the trick in the one that uses a switch. I think it depends on your style as to which version would suit you best but personally I would just use the version without the switch as it’s less to think about.

You do need to be able to force one of the pieces but several ways are taught. After that the rest of the routine in self working. It always works no matter how the cards are mixed. It’s a simple, but clever method.

A plastic wallet is supplied too so you can easily keep all the bits needed inside it making it perfect for table hopping. There’s no real reset so you can instantly repeat it on the next table should you wish to.

I really do like this and would recommend you check it out.