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Hands Free Prediction by Lynx Magic



Hands Free Prediction

Lynx Magic
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £17.99 (approx)

An envelope is left on the table containing a single playing card. A deck is handed to a spectator who begins to deal the cards one by one face-up onto the table. They can stop dealing whenever they like it is a completely free choice. The card is tipped out of the envelope and it matches the card stopped at. There are now other cards inside the envelope.

When you first watch the trailer for Hands Free Prediction it comes across as being a good effect and it actually is. The issue I have is that nothing about the routine is new. It has all been done before.

You are a supplied with a selection of cards and a plastic gimmicked envelope. You will need your own matching backed regular deck too for the set up. The set up will take you a few minutes, and watching the explanation it sounds more complicated than it actually is. As a matter of fact you are essentially creating a Koran deck from the cards supplied and your own deck…as I said nothing new. The gimmicked envelope is not a new idea either, however it is nicely made from a thin plastic so it will last a very long time.

Once set up are ready to go. There is a small amount of memory work required but if you can remember four playing cards then you will have no issues. There are also a couple of outcomes to the routine. Either the card will match the one in the envelope or it will be its mate so you need to keep our wits about you so you know how to conclude the effect.

On the back of the packaging you are given a URL to go to and a password to access the video explanations. These are split into sections so it is easy to find the bit you want to watch. An additional routine is also taught. This is billed as an ACAAN routine. Actually all it is, is the same routine as the first but instead of dealing to a card, the spectator names a number which is dealt down to instead, so it’s not an ACAAN at all.

There’s also a version using a regular deck too which is basically the same set up as the main effect but without the additional cards supplied.

If you haven’t seen this kind of effect before then this may appeal to you. If you are familiar with card magic in general then you probably already do/own something very similar.