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Oracle by Titanas



Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £6.00 (approx)

Oracle is a system, devised by Titanas, which enables you, the performer, to be able to tell which card has been freely chosen from a shuffled deck of cards. There’s no set-up and the cards can be borrowed.

In the performance (above) a brand new deck of cards is shuffled and a card is chosen. The deck is once again shuffled and then split into three piles. Each pile is spread on the table. Sensing which pile the mate of the chosen card is in, a second spectator is asked to choose a card. It turns out to be the matching card to the one chosen by the first spectator.

The method is very clever but does need a bit of work to get it down smoothly. You do have to be fairly competent at simple mathematics but with a bit of practise it is not difficult to work out the card that is missing. There is a danger though that if you make one simple calculation incorrectly you will end up with the wrong card. Titanas does offer some simple tips to make the method much easier. I’ve only been practising for a few days and I am 99% confident with the method and I can do it at a reasonably speed too.

Only the one routine is taught on the DVD but using this method you could do lots of things with it (i.e. memorising a deck of cards demonstration, etc).

A good solid effect/method that has lots of scope for other routines…and it’s a bargain too at the current price!