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Impression by Jason Yu




Jason Yu (SansMInds)
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £24.99 (approx)

When performing magic to real people it is always great when you can leave a souvenir with a spectator to keep. What better way than to leave that souvenir on a spectator’s own mobile phone in the form of an impossible photograph?

A blank card is signed by a spectator. You ask to borrow their mobile phone and for them to switch it onto camera mode. They hold up the signed blank card between their fingertips and you take a photograph of them holding the card. They can check the photo to make sure all is what it should be – the phone is placed face-down on their hand. Next a playing card is selected. This card is waved above the phone where it instantly turns blank. When the spectator checks the photo you took previously they are now seen to be holding the exact card that has just turned blank…..and it’s still got their signature on it.

What I like about this effect is that there are no special apps needed. Providing their phone has a camera then any phone can be used – you will just need to know how to use the camera function. If you are familiar with the iPhone’s camera function then it would probably be easier to try and borrow one of these. The iPhone is so popular that someone is bound to have one in a group of people.

In performance, the effect isn’t quite as clean as the trailer shows. There are a few moments throughout the routine where you are in a ‘dirty’ position. Audience management is key and you cannot perform this when surrounded. That said, the effect is relatively easy to do, you just need a bit of nerve to pull it off. Manage your spectators and you’ll have no problem.

In your package you receive a few blank cards and the necessary gimmick(s). You will need to do a little prep work to the gimmicks but this only takes a few minutes.

The explanations are thorough and easy to follow. There is one move, if you can call it a move, which needs a bit of practice. It’s not difficult to do but it needs to be done fairly quickly. Good  misdirection will make this easier to pull off. If you are familiar with playing cards then you will have no problems.

Impression is one of those effects that really does look like it’s impossible. The spectator is left with a souvenir that they are bound to keep and show their friends. What more can you ask for in an effect?